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At Antoine’s

The sturdy little booklet is yellowing slightly; but, only stapled, it is holding together well.  “Souvenir du Restaurant Antoine.”  No date appears anywhere, except 1840 (fondé en 1840).  The travel souvenir was given me by a library director I worked for long ago in the Bronx.

The small paper book has photographs of founding family members and pictures of chefs and short pieces about foods and the restaurant’s menus.  My boss took unusual delight in sharing memories of her travels, sharing to that ultimate point of giving them away to someone she was sure would appreciate them.  She was right in knowing that I would be taken with the section of the booklet telling of famous folk, including cinema folk, who had enjoyed the restaurant.

A partial list of enticing customers I found:  Colleen Moore, Buster Keaton, Buddy Rogers, Leatrice Joy Gilbert (yes:  that Joy and that Gilbert), Randolph Scott, Paulette Goddard, Judy Garland,John (Johnny) Sheffield and Ben Piazza.

We watched him grow up as Tarzan’s son, then become Bomba the jungle boy.

And more:  Todd Browning, John Ford, Robert Florey, Edward Cline, George Cukor, Henry King, Victor Fleming.  René Clair.

Two non-cinema celebrities to catch the eye today:  John Ringling and John Ringling North.


Until then,
See you at the movies,

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