The February 6 issue of Time contains a seven-page article on current moviemaking in China by Hannah Beech, “Hollywood East; a movie-crazy China is remaking the global industry in its image.”  From a heading within the article:  “In 2015 an average of 22 new movie screens opened in China  —  each day.”  This is a lively essay with intriguing examples of the Chinese market influencing scripts of some specific American films.  Time, vol. 189, no. 4; 2/6/17.

In the February 20 issue of Time Stephanie Zacharek wrote a perceptive essay about cinematography, particularly the photography in the films of Martin Scorsese, and especially that in the current Silence.  At one point she writes:  “No matter how carefully a shot is planned in advance, there is probably only one reliable truth in filmmaking:  depending on the choices and compromises a filmmaker has to make on any given day, the movie will become its own creation.  Improvisation is essential to filmmaking and to cinematography in particular.  Some of the most astonishing cinematic effects result from the Encyclopedia Brown-style problem solving, or from simply seeing the accidental artistry in a mistake.”  (Silence was photographed by Rodrigo Prieto.)   Time, vol. 189, no.6; 2/20/27.  Don’t miss it.


Until then,
See you AT the movies,

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