STEVE JOBS l     Danny Boyle     2015

Take it from a viewer uninterested in automation or personal computers and their history:  This is a mesmerizing film.  It is long on talk.  Apparently we’re into a contest of who can talk the most and talk the fastest.  Warner films of the 30 and 40s are lost in the dust.  But the silences are breathtaking; the film remains a visual experience; and the editing is a major achievement (Margaret Sixel).  Michael Fassbender, who gave us his all in Shame and continues to do so at all the levels an actor can reach,  is showy, electric, and profound.  Kate Winslet is his dazzling match, and they work remarkably well together.  A few too many arty transitions and an unnecessarily playful camera around Seth Rogin and Jeff Daniels (whose performances don’t need it) cannot spoil this bewitching brew.

Northeast Ohio:  REMEMBER THE CANTON FILM FEST continuing today and tomorrow at the Palace Theatre in Canton, OH.  For more information and a schedule of showings:


Milly and Conder are on their way to a private conversation and are caught in traffic in downtown London:  “In Regent Street there was a traffic block for half a mile.  Looking back they could see the line of buses stretching to Oxford Circus.  There was a crowd on the pavement, and a scarlet cloth was being laid down outside a cinema…

“‘Business at a standstill,’ said Conder.  Mounted police backed their horses at the edge of the pavement, keeping the road clear.  ‘If you wanted to buy something, you couldn’t.  If you wanted to meet a man on business, you couldn’t.  We’ll be sitting here now for a quarter of an hour.  Patience,’ Conder said.  You’ve got to be patient.  The Queen’s going to a talkie.'”  (Graham Greene, It’s a Battlefield, Heinemann, 1934.)

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