Today is the anniversary of the birth of Vivien Leigh, one of the cinema’s brightest stars  —  nay!  supernova  —  and one of its outstanding actresses.  Two of her remarkable performances have literally been proven timeless.  From her first screen line, her only line, in Things Are Looking Up to her maturity and elegant beauty in The Roman Spring and Ship of Fools, she was the consummate professional and a gift to motion pictures.  At her death when 53, she was still at work; and she was still the most beautiful woman in the world.

Happy birthday, Vivien Leigh.


Today is also the birthday of Roy Rogers.  Look for a future blog, coming to the screen nearest you, “Roy Rogers, Actor,” an analysis of the lifework of THE KING of the Cowboys.

Happy birthday, King.


Until then,
See you at the movies,

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