…Isamu Noguchi created a bust of Ginger Rogers?  She learned on December 7, 1941 that the Japanese sculptor was willing to do the bust.  She had previously sent him word “that she would like him to sculpt her.”  On December 8 she invited Noguchi to her home.  But the sculptor would end up doing the work in an internment camp in Arizona and not finish it until August 1942.  In a letter to Rogers, Noguchi wrote of the bust, “May it go down through the ages as a remembrance of a lovely lady of our times.”

The sculpture, of pink Georgian marble, now in Washington’s National Portrait Gallery, stood in Ginger Rogers’ living room until her death.  I owe all the facts here to Sara Kaufman’s Washington Post article, reprinted in the Columbus Dispatch 11/4/14.  The quote “that she would like him to sculpt her” is Kaufman’s.  She notes, in her article, using Rogers’ book Ginger:  My Story.


On 4/24/15 Rick’s Flick’s discussed Prisoners:  I recently uncovered two comments from Entertainment Weekly that I wanted to be sure my readers saw:

“You’re never sure where morality leaves off and wrathful insanity begins.  The movie is a meditation on crime, punishment, love, and violence…”

And this  (SPOILER ALERT):  “…in the performance of Melissa Leo [the film] conjures something many films try for and few succeed at capturing: the existence of everyday evil.”  (Entertainment Weekly 12/13/13)


Viva Maria!    Louis Malle    1965

Colorful, charming, musical, satirical, amusing, hilarious, AND sexy.  Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau in a Latin American revolution.  A must see, if you haven’t.

NEXT FRIDAY POST JUNE 12  –  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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