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Edward Norton is one of the world’s very best actors.  He possesses one of filmdom’s most expressive faces and a body he knows how to use.    Both work for him here as he portrays stage actor Mike.  Emma Stone as Sam is fierce and galvanizes every scene in which she appears.

I find I care more about these two characters than I do about Michael Keaton’s Riggan.  His part seems not as clearly written as the others’, including Amy Ryan’s, Naomi Watts’ and Andrea Riseborough’s.  I have admired and followed Keaton for a long time.  I am happy for his success and his many plaudits this year.  But I am wondering if the writing allows him to express what this unusually fine ensemble of players keep telling us about him?

Two other questions:

Is a handheld, often frantic camera the appropriate vehicle for tense psychological confrontations?

When everyone is yelling all the time, what stands out?

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Tom Shone, reviewing Reeling Through Life by Tara Ison, writes:  “The relationship of most movie couples would not last five minutes beyond the closing credits of the films in which they appear.”  The first film to come to my mind was The Graduate.  What in the world do those two young people on the back seat of that bus have in common?  Just what are they going to talk about? (New York Times, 1/21/15.)

Until then,
See you at the movies,

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