Best and Favorite

How do they differ?  I have my own list of the 10 greatest films of all time.  I am working toward a blog that will expand that 10 to 25. Sight& Sound notwithstanding, there are now just too many films from which to choose,  too many outstanding writers and directors to reduce all excellence to 10 titles.

I also have, for another future blog, a list of my 10 favorite films  with very few duplications on the two lists.  Why?

I would appreciate hearing from readers.  Will you send your own lists?  Do you have bests as opposed to favorites?  Or are your taste and judgment less bifurcated, less compartmentalized than my own?

John Ewing of the Cleveland Cinematheque, submitting his requested 10 best list to Sight & Sound, included this gem of wisdom:  “This list is pretty ‘old school’  —  which is understandable.  I am old school.  But if great films are ones you can watch over and over again without tiring of them, then the older the movie, the more chances one has to re-view it and reaffirm its greatness.  Newer films have just not marinated long enough.  But I also wonder:  can our cerebral, ‘sophisticated’ notions of what makes a movie really great trump our sentimental attachment to beloved films we caught at key moments in our lives, molding us into the moviegoers we are?  Should they?”

My collaborator BKG has submitted her own list of favorite films, slightly more than 10.  She comments on the fact that no really recent films appear on her list or on my own.  This is interesting in light of Mr. Ewing’s quoted remarks and BKG’s own espousal of the idea that we remember best what we experience between ages 16-25.

BKG’s favorite films, in no order, except that the first three are definitely numbers one, two and three:

Funny Face
The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
Cinderella (Disney, 1950)
Mary Poppins
Chariots of Fire
Elvira Madigan
High Noon
The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
The Gods Must Be Crazy



Until then,
See you at the movies,







One thought on “BEST AND FAVORITE

  1. I love this topic and the distinction you’re making between Best and Favorite! I was easily able to come up with 9 favorites, but I got stuck on 10.

    Chariots of Fire
    LA Confidential
    A Room with a View
    Apollo 13
    The Killing Fields
    Dances with Wolves
    All the President’s Men

    I really struggled with #10 deciding among All the President’s Men, The Full Monty, Terms of Endearment, and Open Range.

    And now off to work on my Best list…

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