Ginevra Di Verduno writes INAFFERABILE LESLIE HOWARD, a blog through which she gathers, researches and publishes a vast array of articles from the popular press of that era of the thirties and very early forties when Leslie Howard was one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood (and then briefly back home in England before his death).  Di Verduno is passionate about Howard and her site is filled with beautiful photographs which she has collected for us.  The range of photographs will be a delightful surprise to anyone who thinks of Howard only as Scarlett’s Ashley.



Kurtiss Hare’s is one of the world of netcinema’s most outstanding blogs.  Beautifully designed and handsomely articulate, Hare’s site is knowledgeable, wide-ranging and closely followed.  He has taken all film to be his province, and while he is absorbed in the present and excited about the future, he also knows where we’ve been.  Don’t miss his discussion of The Last of the Unjust on his recent blog.



MOVIES ARE EVERYWHERE  —  including great books

“…Stephen sharing out coppers to the children for the Sunday 4.30 matinée double…”

“I didn’t know anything about anything.  I thought psychiatry was an American joke and a psychiatrist was someone like In grid Bergman in Spellbound.”

These two delightful passages are from V.S. Naipaul’s In a Free State, his volume of three fictions published by Knopf in 1971 (in England originally by Deutsch Limited).  At other moments characters mention Rebecca, Rope, Jesse James and even Vivien Leigh’s Waterloo Bridge.  And there is this, when Bobby and Linda, our two main characters in the third and longest story, are driving and spot the famous local African tor:

“It’s one of my favorite views.”
“Like a John Ford western.”
“How very film-society. To me it’s just Africa.”



In the Entertainment Weekly 2/21/14, the DVD review column by Keith Staskiewicz offers a very good brief discussion of the politics of Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent.

See you then,
And see you at the movies,

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