But FIRST, my quote for the week:  “I admire great scores, and they’ve saved my pictures in many cases.”  That intriguing quote in context: ” …I don’t feel comfortable with relying on a score.  I admire great scores, and they’ve saved my pictures in many cases.  But I tend to want to try to create my own score…But not every film I make lends itself to that.”  This remark comes from Martin Scorsese in Conversations with Scorsese by Richard Schickel, Knopf, 2011.  Recommended Reading.


Few stars have had a fan to surpass the fan John Gilbert has in Sheryl Stinchcum.  For years the energetic presence at head of the John Gilbert Appreciation Society, she must know more about her man than any other person in the blogging world.  She is an epitome of film fandom, and her site, JOHN GILBERT, ST. ELMO & ME, is attractive and colorful with photographs and posters from her private collection.



James Curnow in Australia offers CURNBLOG, a must for filmgoers.  He is expert on Australian cinema, but he is widely read and knowledgeable in all aspects of film.  He is a thinker and writes well about what he thinks.  His frequent postings now require many aides-de-blog; but the quality of the style and content remains consistently high.  Look at the February post containing “65 classic Australian Movie Quotes” and his January 10 blog about being published in England’s Guardian.


Next Friday Post February 21  —  highlighting two more outstanding blogs for movie lovers.

See you at the movies,


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