Rick’s Journal (MY FILM CAREER)

Having recently discovered director Louis King and appreciated his feel for the Great West  —  and for horses  —  I decided to try the beginning of Green Grass of Wyoming on Turner Classic Movies.  Since I found right off that the main character was my beloved Ken from Mary O’Hara’s Flicka andThunderhead,   I was hooked at once and stayed for the end.  This small entertainment , like last week’s The Desert Song, has some good photography and excellent matting.  It also has a young Burl Ives singing A Single Man and the Paw Paw song.  Especially it has Robert Arthur as Ken.  Arthur, as always, is filled with gentle charm, and you believe every word he says.

Louis King

MOVIES ARE EVERYWHERE, especially in books:  Charles is discussing political figures with his love interest Anne who says:  “I think Disraeli would have been fine if he had remembered to be like George Arliss.”  (James Hilton, Time and Time Again, Atlantic-Little,Brown, 1953.)

NEXT POST Friday October 19, featuring five films from Fall Cinesation at Massillon, Ohio during the last week in September.

Until then,
See you at the movies,

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