RICK’S JOURNAL (My Film Career)

The hard angles and chiseled edges of the face of Jean-Louis Trintignant have disappeared into the rounder, softer countenance of Georges in Amour.  The unforgettable eyes of the young widower in A Man and a Woman and the long-suffering husband in And God Created Woman glow still, now revealing wide experience and tough wisdom.  He has to slouch and poke his belly forward because he has not gained that weight of the post-35 male.

It has been a trial for this longtime fan of J-L T to live through an awards season in which award-givers were interested only in Emmanuelle Riva (who is superb in the film).  My only comfort occurred when Michael Haneke, accepting his Academy Award for writing, acknowledged both peformers, even mentioning Trintignant first.

John Heilpern, reviewing Amour in Vanity Fair wrote:  “No one weeps in Amour…Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant leave the tears to us, and within their magic achieve a state of grace.”  Heilpern says it all, except that I should like to add that both performances are impressive for their very lack of bravura.  Neither has a big scene, neither has that great moment.  These two giants just play their parts.  They are so real that you are never aware of acting.

My favorite performances by Jean-Louis Trintingant:

1956 – And God Created Woman
1961 – The Seven Capital Sins (He is in the “La Luxure”
            episode directed by Jacques Demy)
1966 – A Man and a Woman
1969 – Z
1971 – The Conformist
1983 – Confidentially Yours (This is Vive dimanche!,
            directed by Francois Truffaut)
1984 – Red
2012 – Amour


See you at the movies,

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