Something to think about regarding two of the year’s significant films:

     Manola Darghis on The Master:  “…’The Master’…speaks to a fundamental human yearning for meaning in a story that is specifically American.”
in a New York Times article
called “Against the odds, smart films
thrive at the box office” 12/16/12

A.O. Scott on Django Unchained: “More than any other director [Tarantino] tests and extends the power of pop-culture fantasy to engage the painful atrocities of history.”
in a New YorkTimes article
called “25 favorites in a year when 10
isn’t enough” 12/16/12



The madness continues and is currently evolving to stupidity.  In the Jan.25/Feb.1 special double issue of Entertainment Weekly Anthony Breznican continues to bring us more appalling news about this year’s Oscarcast.  Neil Meron and Craig Zadan are still boasting about what sound like alarming plans.  They are promising “more perfomances than on any previous Oscar show”  —  apparently unaware that we all want fewer.  There was not a single production number on the Golden Globes telecast,  a telecast the viewing audience apparently liked.  Unfortunately the Globes are picking up the Oscar habit of presenters ridiculing the awards they are about to bestow (or the nominees about to be honored), but at least the skits are well-written.

“It’s the show, stupid!”  Zadan, speaking of the announcement of this year’s Academy nominations, referred to previous occasions as “dry” because “the only things that were talked about were the nominees.”  Pardon?  And Seth MacFarlane assures us he won’t turn the audience off by getting “too specific” about contenders like Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild.  How do you get too specific?  By mentioning that they are nominated?  How about mentioning that they are talked about and honored around the world?  MacFarlane:  “First and foremost, the Oscars is [sic] a TV show.”  That ‘s just the problem and has been for years.  Why can’t they get it?

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See you at the movies,

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