A.O. Scott’s New York Times end-of-year piece on his choice of the year’s best movies is headed “25 Favorites From a Year When 10 Isn’t Enough.”  Hear!  Hear!  Spot-on.  The artificiality of categories and restrictions is being increasingly recognized.  This year the Venice Film Festival’s best actor award went to Philip Seymour Hoffman AND Joaquin Phoenix.

We need more of this.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences really needs more of this  —  or needs at least to start awarding the honor to the BEST performance or work of the GIVEN year.

Would it be a substantial improvement to do away with nominations?  —  just announce winners!  If the Academy took this approach, we could perhaps avoid the show, avoid the less than world class performances of the nominated songs.  The finding of enough of them to be nominated can take considerable effort these days anyway.  Maybe Oscar could go back to being a presentation of awards and stop getting those terrible reviews as a show.

COMING SOON TO THE SCREEN NEAREST YOU:  Discussion of an annual Oscar myth.


See you at the movies,

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