RICK’S JOURNAL (My Favorite Career)

In the current issue of Newsweek Martin Scorsese lists and describes favorite moments from ten favorite films.  The happiest surprise is to find him translating the Italian title correctly and actually listing the film as Bicycle Thieves.    What was the rationale for calling De Sica’s 1948 masterpiece The Bicycle Thief for distribution in this country?  Do any of my readers know?  Does anyone have a speculation?  Wikipedia has an interesting short entry about this title with an arresting suggestion by Bob Graham. 

While there are other surprises on the director’s list,  I was NOT surprised, but pleased, to find Bresson’s The Diary of a Country Priest, a favorite of my own.

CORRECTION:  In my November 9 post I gave readers an e-mail address for reviewer Arne Andersen.  Apparently what I offered is no longer a valid address.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  But Mr. Andersen’s useful review of Look Up and Laugh is still available on imdb.


See you at the movies,

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