Rafer Guzman, writing in Newsday about what he calls summertime movies, tells us that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel “tapped into the overlooked senior audience” as a box office sleeper here and abroad.  This item was reported in the Akron Beacon Journal on July 15.  Exotic Marigold was reviewed here June 6, Characters You Can Care About.


     Remember that Turner Classic Movies’ celebration of Leslie Howard continues this month.  Among other titles, Pygmalion shows on July 24.  Howard co-directed this excellent version of Shaw’s play which was nominated for the Academy Award as best picture of the year in 1938.   Howard also stars, inimitably playing the inimitable Henry Higgins and receiving his second Academy Award nomination as best actor.

     Also on July 24 TCM offers the hard-to-see Berkeley Square from 1933.  This role brought Leslie Howard his first Oscar nomination.

See you here for the NEXT POST on Friday, July 27.

Meanwhile, see you at the movies

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