Treasures Found at Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio
Treasure #3 The Night of Janaury 16th

Except for the fact that it is livelier than any textbook I recall, this film can serve as a textbook on adaptation.  A suspenseful mystery, including a murder, is told in the most visual manner possible.  It is the camera which reveals all the narrative surprises, including a knockout solution.

Near the end there is a lengthy interlude, with Cecil Kellaway as a drunk, which goes on way too long after it has served its plot function.  But this is a quibble.  The Night of January 16th is a tight, camera-told yarn that makes a real movie out of Rand’s play.

Robert Preston here is still in his frist life as romantic leading man and offbeat cutie.  The latter-day Nils Asther is interesting in a small but solid role.

The Night of January 16th
William Clemens
screenplay Delmer Daves, Robert Pirosh & Eve Greene, from
the play by Ayn Rand


Filmically yours,

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