Treasure #1

3 Treasures Found at Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio

TREASURE # 1     Persons in Hiding

     Dorothy Bronson, bored with her law-abiding boyfriend and her dead-end job as beautician, teams up with Gunner Martin when he attempts to rob the salon where she works.  As a Bonnie- and Clyde-like team, they successfully carry out countless robberies and quickly become most wanted.

This is a harsh, hard film that makes few compromises.  Even the predicatable showdown between Dorothy and her Ma, when Dorothy returns home with fancy gifts,  restrains its sentimentality.  An earlier Blog (May 22, 2012) notes that successors alter predecessors.  Part of audience reacion to the flintiness of this film is our response to gun-toting Patricia Morison as Dorothy.  She is not the Kate of Kiss Me, Kate here. 

       The film’s only failing is its relentless robbery/chase structure.  We see too little of the lives of Dorothy and Gunner when not robbing and getting away.  The one time we see them off the road other than the visit home is an economical gem:  Dorothy whiffing her favorite, very expensive perfume, enjoying her fur coat.

Naish, in a large role as Gunner, is good; but beneath what at first appears an unusual performance, we find his usual:  making us care about someone of dubious character.  It is enjoyable seeing Leona Roberts (Mrs. Meade of Gone with the Wind) in a sizable part as Ma and fun to spot Richard Denning in a bit.

Director Louis King was younger brother of Henry and directed another of the film festival’s hits, Smoky (1946), from the Will James novel.

Based on a book by J. Edgar Hoover.

Blog policy is not to excite viewers about unavailable films.  I had to call attention to this one, though I don’t find it for sale and have never seen it on television.  I feel fortunate to have seen it through CINEVENT in Columbus.

Persons in Hiding
Louis King

Coming Soon: Treasure # 2 and Treasure # 3 from Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio.


See you at the movies,

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