In THE IDES OF MARCH it is wonderful to watch again the expressive face of Geroge Clooney. This actor’s ability to speak without speaking continues in THE DESCENDANTS where he demonstrates what must be the most expressive back since Bette Davis (JEZEBEL, THE LETTER). Well, there is Kenneth Branaugh as Prince HAMLET. (Clooney no doubt never thought to compare himself to Bette Davis, and we are trusting he won’t mind that this blog has.)

Everyone in THE DESCENDANTS is excellent with Clooney, Woodley and Greer outstanding.

There are levels in the film. Taking just one: Matt, the Clooney character, is a genuine conservative. He misses manners. He appreciates courtesy betwewen generations. He is not afraid of change. His mid-night conversation with the boy friend shows that. But he wants to conserve good things, including the lands which are part of the family’s tradition.

The Ides of March
Geroge Clooney

The Descendants
Alexander Payne

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