I apologize for giving my readers and visitors short shrift  and a short post.  Reflection and research continue for my promised article on the supporting award categories of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  But that article is still COMING SOON to the screen nearest you.



As a fellow film nut, you probably know that the New York Film Critics Circle has announced their awards for 2011.  The New York awards are not so different from the Academy’s choices as they once were and are also less interesting in general than they used to be.  But a forum in which Gleiberman and Scwarzbaum vote is always significant.

It is interesting that this year once again in the opinion of the Circle, the best written film of the year was not the best picture of the year  —  or, looked at another way  —  the best picture of the year was not the best written.  If you have views on how this can be, I would very much like to hear from you.

NEXT POST December 21

See you at the movies (and at the nominations announcements),


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