I look forward to being mystified and irritated by each new work from Godard.  Film Socialisme (2010, now in the U.S.A) did not disappoint me.  I enjoyed the references to, and Godard’s modern equivalents of, the Odessa steps from Eisenstein’s Potemkin and the clips from a beautiful restoration of Russia’s classic film.  I appreciated the jesting reference to Billy Wilder.  And the photographic textures are rich and rewarding, especially the ocean waters, shipboard colors and paints, and glistening decks.  But the content and intention of Film Socialisme elude me.

If anyone reading this has seen it, I would enjoy hearing your response.

One always wishes the latest from Godard the best of luck in exhibition and distribution.  I was able to see Godard’s film thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art and the outstanding film program that John Ewing plans and directs there.  It’s an almost three hour round trip for me and worth all the gas and time.

Thanks to BKG for assistance with this blog.

Next post October 25.

See you at the movies,


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